History By Pictures – 8. MACRO ASILO (Rome)

In Via Nizza, in Rome. is the MACRO, one of the seats of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome.

Since 30 September 2018, under the direction of Giorgio De Finis, the Macro has become a nursery school, a place of welcome for artists.

If you are thinking of a traditional museum, you are definitely off the beaten track. First of all, you don’t have to pay the entrance fee (yes, you read it right) and there is very little fixed and static, just a small exhibition, that of theĀ  photo here. Everything then changes, almost every day … you can come for coffee, to sit and study, to attend the presentation of a book or the screening of a film, to lie down on the deck chairs of the courtyard …


Not by chance, it has been defined as the Non Museum of Rome.
The idea of the Director De Finis is in fact just this: to unhinge the traditional idea of a museum and transform the MACRO into the place where the city of artists meets the rest of Rome and the world.


And this meeting also takes place in a truly original way. Upstairs, in fact, in addition to the characteristic “Room of Words”, there are 4 ateliers, or rather boxes, in which the artists come to work.

Take care: the MACRO Asylum is a sort of timed project. This “museum” has a deadline of 31/12/2019 and does not claim to be a right model or replicable in other locations.

You can’t describe the kaleidoscope of emotions that overwhelms you when you open the glass doors of the entrance: disorientation, emotion, amazement… my advice is: take a jump and let me know what you think!



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