Undergraduate Degree

2008 - 2009 Bachelor in "History and Conservation of Artistic Heritage" with an Archaeological curriculum, obtained at the University of Rome "Roma Tre".

Vote: 110 with honors.

Title of the thesis: "Diachronic Evolutions of the Landscape in the Terracina Territory". Rapporteur: Emeri Farinetti ; Chair: Archaeology of Landscapes


Masters Degree

2010-2011 Master's degree in "Archaeology and Methodology of Historical and Orcheological Research", awarded at the University of Rome "Roma Tre".

Vote: 110 with honors.

Title of the Thesis: "Pastoral and transhumance paths in the Cicolano in the Roman and medieval ages". Chair: Archaeology of Landscapes; Relator: Emeri Farinetti; co-Relator: Riccardo Santangeli Valenzani (medieval archaeology and urban archaeology of Rome)


Curriculum Vitae

May 2007: Campetti di Veio

Drafting of plans  and scale section of a Roman substructure in an emergency excavation (Dr Francesca Pompilio)

June - July 2011, August 2012: Civitella di Pescorocchiano (Rieti) & Palazzo Aluffi, Rieti

Collection, washing, study and classification of ceramic material

2013: winner of the Forma Urbis Competition

Ranked third and awarded at the "Mediterranean Tourism Exchange" of Paestum 

2008, 2009, 2011: Cicolano Survey (Rieti, Italy)

Archaeological survey, digital databases, GIS and remote sensing systems, settlement models, ceramic classification 

2011 - 2013: Guide, Archeoclub di Terracina 

Founding member of the Archeoclub of Terracina. 
Guide in the summer initiatives called "Conoscere i Beni Culturali"
Guide for childreen and teenagers for the schools and the Archeojunior of Terracina 
Guide in the nights of the Museums 
Guide on the days "Terracina nell'UNESCO" to promote the application of Terracina to enter in the list of the UNESCO

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