Archaeology & Technology: the holographic pyramids of Acme Cubo at Maker Faire 2018 in Rome

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Everything happens at Maker Faire, the biggest European event on innovation that, now in its sixth edition, will animate the pavilions of the Fiera di Roma between 12th and 14th of October.

And among robots, drones and 3D prints, on the red carpet of technology will also parade the archaeology. The discipline of Indiana Jones is no longer just fragments, unsolved mysteries and lost treasures. In recent years it has become a modern discipline, a real science in step with the times.

Engineers, technicians and archaeologists have been working side by side for some time now. But this year, the Maker Faire has gone much further! We set off on a fascinating journey that is revolutionizing the cultural heritage sector.


One of the famous Riace Bronzes. The image shows the application of new technologies to the study and restoration of the famous sculpture (Credits:


The flagship of this innovative archaeology will be the holographic pyramids presented by Acme Cubo, a Roman company formed by a team of professionals working in different sectors, including the Cultural Heritage.

Special effects in the offices of Acme Cubo: 3d print and holographic pyramid (Credits:


But exactly what are we talking about?

The hologram is a three-dimensional representation that is obtained by projecting a light source on a special film (holographic precisely), previously impressed with a laser and then applied to a plate of plastic material. The image thus produced, although the result of an optical illusion, is of great effect and has a strong impact on the observer.

By placing 4 holographic plates (previously impressed) in the shape of a pyramid and with an inclination of 45 degrees, you get a holographic pyramid. And when the light of a projector, tablet or screen hits these surfaces, the projected images are reflected towards the centre of the structure and, as they fuse, they generate a three-dimensional hologram.


A holographic pyramid made by Acme Cubo (Credits:




Acme Cubo thought, however, to further amaze us.

The other protagonist of the weekend will be, in fact, Akhenaton, the exclusive system patented by the Roman company to interact with holographic images through the recognition of gestures. And so, without having to touch any object (mouse, joystick, keyboard, etc.), you can for example rotate the holographic image in all directions of space, admiring it from every angle and point of view, or even increase or decrease the zoom level in order to grasp the most hidden details … In essence, a real magic!


Akhè at work (Credits:



New technologies applied to Cultural Heritage: what usefulness?

These new frontiers, creating clear and engaging presentations, undoubtedly contribute to establishing an empathetic relationship with visitors, including those who normally do not attend museums, perceived by them as elitist structures, unable to communicate or difficult to understand.

Holograms, three-dimensional digital models, 3D photographs, have therefore led to a real revolution. The archaeological and historical-artistic heritage is in fact a common good. As a consequence, culture can no longer, as in the past, limit itself to talking only to experts, but must try to involve the widest possible public, encouraging their active participation and making that day at the museum an unforgettable experience.


The hologram of the Sarcophagus of the Bridegrooms in Bologna. The famous artifact was not really exhibited. What we see is only a 3d reconstruction (Credits:



WHERE: Nuova Fiera di Roma (Via Portuense 1645-1647), Hall 4, Stand C10

WHEN: 12-14 October 2018

OPENING HOURS: Friday, October 12th h. 14.00 / 19.00, the ticket offices close at 18.00; – Saturday 13rd and Sunday, October 14th h.10.00 / 19.00, the ticket offices close at 18.00

PRICE: 12 €. Presenting at the entrance a BIT (metro ticket / bus) stamped, 7 €



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