The garden of Ninfa: an unspoiled oasis a few steps from Rome

With the arrival of spring, the desire to take two steps outdoors is getting stronger.
Escape the city and its whirling rhythms to reconnect with your spirit, relax and finally find yourself. Here is the first of a long series of proposals for our new section dedicated to out-of-town destinations.

An enchanted place, a mixture of nature, flowers, perfumes and art. All this is the Garden of Ninfa, in the Doganella di Ninfa locality, near Cisterna di Latina, only 90 km from Rome.

Dominated by the Castle of Caetani (the family of Boniface VIII, the Pope of the first Jubilee of the Christian church), the historic garden, of international fame, has been declared a natural monument since 2000. It is open only on certain days and can also be used by wheelchair-bound visitors, paying attention to low branches, roots and stones. Even four-legged friends are welcome, provided they do not exceed 5 kg in weight, keep them on a short lead and carry the bags.

And you, what are you waiting for? The next openings are close! Contact me for your nature walk!


Posted by Sara Pandozzi

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