The Best Things To Do In Rome With Kids

Statistical surveys conducted in 2017 show that as many as 60.4% of tourists arriving in Rome travel as a couple or as a family. Rome, a city with a thousand faces, offers, in fact, even for children, the possibility of a fun and unforgettable trip.

I would like to share with you some suggestions that I reserve for my Guests when they travel with their children. We are there. Pack your bags for a new #aspassoconsara adventure!

Gens Luxury Suites

The number of travelers with children is really increasing in Rome. For this reason, from 2014, was born Gens Luxury Suites, a boutique hotel a few steps from the famous Piazza Navona and that, already in the name (Gens in Latin means family), wants to propose itself as a structure dedicated to the reception of families traveling in the capital.
The “Cornelia” and “Valeria” suites are the ideal accommodation for a family with children. A sofa bed is available in the living room of both rooms, which can be converted into two regular single beds if required. Parents can sleep on a comfortable king-size double bed that opens into the sleeping area. Both suites have private bathrooms.
By contacting the hotel directly, you can also have a small discount on your booking. Shower or bathtub, baby cot, bottle warmer, microwave, kettle, deluxe toiletries for the whole family … a child-friendly accommodation!

Address: Via Giuseppe Zanardelli 20 (Piazza Navona)

The Suite “Valeria”

Visit: Museums

The idea of having to drag the children around Rome is a real nightmare for many parents. The young, in fact, get tired soon. They are hungry all of a sudden, they need to sit down and rest, and in those huge organised groups where adult language is often spoken, understanding the wonders of Rome becomes an impossible mission!
The City represents, in reality, something unique in the world. Its numerous layers, perfectly visible in many parts of the city, testify to the succession of the various eras over time. Rome looks like a real time machine!

Travelling in time and having fun with the history of Rome
Welcome to Rome

And this is precisely what Paco Lanciano must have thought when he designed Welcome to Rome, an extraordinary multimedia journey that, like an immense video game, will surely capture the attention of your children. Located near Piazza Navona, the museum is also accessible to the disabled.
The multimedia path, in 4D, takes about 30 minutes. Suitable for both adults and children, is a unique opportunity to learn and relive the history and secrets of the Eternal City, told in a different and spectacular but not forgetting the scientific rigour.
Reduced rate tickets are available for children aged 6 to 14 years and special discounts are available for the whole family.
Tomorrow, 1 May, an extraordinary opening from 9 am to 8 pm.

Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 203



The Children’s Museum of Rome

And if your children look more like scientists or have an incredible desire to experiment, Explora is for you!
Active since 2001, it is the first private non-profit Children’s Museum in Italy.
In the heart of Rome, the structure extends for about 8000 square meters, offering many opportunities for play, field experimentation and direct learning. It consists of an exhibition pavilion, but also a large equipped green area, bookshops, bars, restaurant and private parking. There are also cooking workshops.

Address: Borghetto Flaminio (between Villa Borghese and Piazza del Popolo)



In space
Rome Planetarium

Also noteworthy is the planetarium in Rome. However, the original building, in the EUR district, is currently closed for renovation and safety works. But don’t worry, Rome will not leave you without stars! The planetarium, in fact, has temporarily moved to the former Customs.
The new projection technologies guarantee a unique and exciting journey: from the Mars valleys to the rings of Saturn, from nebulae to the Milky Way…try it to believe!

Address: Ex Dogana (San Lorenzo District)
Website: (planetary)


Fun in the open air and not only…

Rome is not just about monuments and palaces. Fortunately, there are also many green areas throughout, where your children can run and have fun.
There are also theme parks with rides, shows and attractions of various kinds. Remember that in the coming months there will also be the inauguration of the new aquarium in Rome.

Have fun in the open air: the public parks of Rome

For parents it is one of the most romantic places in Rome, with its breathtaking viewpoint. For children, however, the viewpoint can be a unique opportunity to admire the grandeur and beauty of Rome! Have fun together recognizing and admiring the highest and most beautiful domes in Rome (St. Peter’s, the Pantheon…). And at noon, keep ready! Very punctual, at twelve o’clock, the cannon of the Gianicolo will shoot a blank shot, giving way to all the bells of the churches of Rome.
Not to be missed is the Pulcinella theatre. Offered free (from 1 €), the puppet show lasts about 30 minutes and the stories represented always feature Pulcinella, his girlfriend Gabriella and many other funny and popular characters.


Villa Borghese
It is the most famous park in Rome and is also among the largest.
Treat yourself to a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of Rome by organizing a picnic on the lawns or take a walk at Biopark, the Zoological Garden of Rome. By purchasing tickets online (, you can also skip the line. A click from home and your children, once arrived on the spot, can enter immediately and start discovering about 200 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians from all over the world.

I recommend, then, a tour of the Casina Raffaello, home of a playroom that organizes educational workshops and events for children aged 3 to 10 years, with the aim of sensitizing them to art and culture. The external space of the Casina is also equipped with a playground. You can even go for a ride on the pony or on the train.

And if Villa Borghese hasn’t wearyed you yet, take advantage of it to rent a beautiful rickshaw or, if you prefer, a boat at the Laghetto! I assure you that it is an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.



Theme parks

It is the amusement and water park of Rome. It’s really impossible not to have fun! Inside, in fact, you will find rides (including roller coaster), swimming pools, attractions. The park also hosts demonstrations of dolphins, sea lions and seals, penguins, parrots and acrobatic divers. There is no shortage of shops and restaurants either.
There is a special programme called “Animal Passion”, thanks to which children, at the end of each show, can get to know and interact with their favourite animal.
Booking online, again, you can skip the line.
The park can be easily reached by a shuttle service departing from Termini Station. For those traveling by car, there is, however, a large car park.
There are also numerous offers for hotels and reservations in advance. Take a look at the website!

Address: Via dei Romagnoli, Torvaianica (Pomezia).



Rainbow – Magicland
It is the great amusement park of Rome. There are many attractions, for children, but also for adults. There are also shows and animations (Stunt Area, Cinema 4D…). You can even celebrate your child’s birthday! Many offers for families and packages park + hotel, so, even in this case, I recommend you take a look at the website. With the Magic Pass card, you can shorten the waiting times for the main attractions by just one turn. You cannot skip the queue, but the waiting times are still much shorter.
The Park can be reached from Termini Station with a shuttle service. The structure is equipped with a large car park.

Address: Via della Pace, Valmontone (Rome).



Shopping for the little ones

Toys, as we all know, are the happiness of the little ones. As much as we persist in giving them clothes and books, nothing snatches a smile from mini-humans as it does a nice game! So here are my suggestions for the most beautiful toys in Rome.

Disney Store
If you’re walking down Via del Corso, you can’t help but visit the Disney Store, the official Disney store. Winnie Pooh, Mickey, but also many other characters. Soft toys, clothing, dolls and numerous gift ideas for girls and boys of all ages.


Little Big Town
In Piazza Venezia there is a toy paradise. I defined it that way when I first went to this wonderful shop at Christmas. Three floors with toys for all tastes and all ages. Impossible not to find the toy with which to tear a smile from your little one. From early childhood games to the corner of magic, from buildings to the toys of the most famous brands.

La Città del Sole
It is unique in its kind. Here you will only find creative games, or games designed to stimulate the creativity of children with experience, imagination and curiosity. There are therefore no games that are fashionable or that can be seen on television. If you’re out and about, take Via della Scrofa (behind the Pantheon and Piazza Navona) and check out this shop too!



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