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Sun, Sea, History and Entertainment: Terracina, the perfect holiday not far from Rome

With the heat of these days, the desire to leave the big cities is stronger. But there is little time available and, let us face it, there is not always a lot of money available either. So how can we refresh ourselves from the summer heatwave? I will speak to you today about Terracina, my home town.


How To Get There

Terracina, in the province of Latina, is a charming town overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Located 120 km from Rome, it is perfectly accessible from the Italian capital.

By car you only need to drive along the SS 148, better known as Via Pontina, and in about an hour and a half of travel you will arrive at your destination.

But if you don’t like the idea of driving with this heat, I suggest you take a regional train to Napoli Centrale or Minturno Scauri leaving every hour from Termini Station in Rome. Cost: 6,90 € and in an hour of travel get off at the railway station Monte S. Biagio – Terracina Mare. From here, a very convenient ecological shuttle service coordinated by Cotri (take a look here for all timetables: www.lacircolare.it/linee-e-orari.html) or the transport service of the CoTral (rides available on: servizi.cotralspa.it/Orari) will allow you to arrive in the heart of the city in a jiffy.

Terracina (Credits: trueriders.it)


Itineraries Between Art & Nature

Of very ancient origin, at the time of the Volsci (before the Romans), the city was called Anxur. Conquered by the Romans, it became prosperous and was enriched with several monumental works. His fame did not stop in the medieval period, when he was disputed between popes and influential families, and not even in the modern age when he became the physical terminal of the draining of the Pontine Plains promoted by Pope Pius VI Braschi. The effect of this last measure was the massive expansion of the town in the lower part (the ancient city was perched on a sloping slope of Monte Sant’Angelo, the mountain that dominates Terracina) and the consequent reorganization of the port and the strong development of the maritime vocation of the city itself.



  • The Emilian Forum: the ancient Roman square in the high historical centre, one of the few in the world to preserve the original Roman pavement with a dedicatory inscription of the magistrate who financed its construction. Take advantage of this opportunity to also visit the splendid Cathedral, which, installed in the oldest Temple Major that closed one of the sides of the Forum, has seen the election of Urban II, the Pope of the First Crusade and the first to be elected in a conclave held outside Rome. The whole high historical centre is worth a walk, especially in the evening. Let yourself be enchanted by its narrow streets, by the numerous examples of tower houses (Casa Torre di Gregorio De Acso) or Gothic domus (along Corso Anita Garibaldi) that populated the medieval urban fabric and by the characteristic late Baroque church of Purgatorio.


The Emilian Forum of Terracina. To the right is the ancient Via Appia, which crossed the ancient city. At the bottom the Cathedral of San Cesareo (Credits: terracinablog.altervista.org).


The interior of the Cathedral of Terracina (Credits: juzaphoto.com)


Interior of the dome of the Church of Purgatorio di Terracina (Credits: inspirock.com; photo by Anna Marchese)


  • The so-called Roman Sanctuary of Giove Anxur: on the top of Monte Sant’Angelo, it is the ancient sacred complex that dominates the town from above (www.coopculture.it/heritage.cfm?id=231). Modulated according to the Hellenistic scheme of terraced sanctuaries, it was a pilgrimage site since the fourth century BC. His life continued even after the end of the Roman Empire, becoming a monastic complex dedicated to St. Michael the Archangel (hence the name of Monte Sant’Angelo with which the whole mountain is known).

Reconstruction of the appearance of the Roman sanctuary of Jupiter Anxur of Terracina (Credits: terracinablog.altervista.com)


  • The Archaeological Museum: next to the Capponi Civic Museum, the new Terracina Museum has recently opened its doors to the public. Housed in the rooms of the Palazzo della Bonificazione Pontina, it houses numerous finds from recent excavation sites in the city (www.coopculture.it/heritage.cfm?id=234).

One of the new spaces of the Archaeological Museum of Terracina (Credits: terracinaweb.com)


  • Church of Santissimo Salvatore: from the ancient to the modern. Designed, together with the square in front (the current Piazza Garibaldi), by Giuseppe Valadier, famous neoclassical architect, is the most beautiful modern church in the city. Majestic and white, it houses inside the Madonna del Carmelo, solemnly celebrated with a wonderful procession at sea (one of the few existing in Italy) by all fishermen and the entire population in July and a beautiful Pietà inspired by that of Michelangelo in Rome.

The Church of the Santissimo Salvatore di Terracina (Credits: terracinablog.altervista.com)


  • And if you have enough art, then I suggest you to immerse yourself in the natural heritage with a wonderful visit to the Parco della Rimembranza, home of the ancient volsco-Roman acropolis and many protected plant species and an enchanting view of the Gulf of Terracina, or to take a trip to the Natural Monument of Campo Soriano, one of the most beautiful places to go trekking in the province and a wonderful example of karstic landscap. 

The Natural Monument of Campo Soriano in Terracina (Credits: meteoweb.eu)


The Beach

At Terracina you’re spoilt for choice! There are two beaches!

On the one hand, just below the Pisco Montano, we find the so-called Spiaggetta, a little beach in which most of the young people and sports enthusiasts of beach soccer, beach tennis, beach rugby meet. Personally I recommend Le Rive di Traiano (www.riveditraiano.com). I’ve been there for 5 years now and Italo and Emanuele have never disappointed me. Great prices, kindness, quality. The place is very nice even if you want to eat something at lunch (from sandwiches to first courses) or enjoy a beer with friends or a good aperitif before returning home. The place also comes alive in the evening. Several evenings are organized: good music and drinks! Many sports events, including the Italian championships of beach soccer. If you want to cheer Terracina, you have to come here and take place in the beach arena Carlo Guarnieri.

Rive di Traiano: the beach (Credits: www.riveditraiano.com)


The largest beach, the so-called Riviera di Ponente, opens onto the entire Lungomare. Here, too, you’re spoilt for choice. All the establishments are equipped with more or less large kiosks that will provide umbrellas, sun beds and deck chairs. The larger ones, such as White Beach (www.facebook.com/whitebeachterracina), even have restaurant, wellness, entertainment etc. areas.

White Beach Terracina (Credits: https://www.facebook.com/pg/whitebeachterracina/photos/)


The tourist offer is wide and varied, but some recommendations certainly do not spoil. If we talk about hotels, I highly recommend the Hotel Acquasanta (www.hotel-acquasanta.it/it/). At the southern entrance of Terracina, it is a real paradise on the sea. 5-star service with prices and excellent value for money. In the rate, in addition to accommodation in rooms with sea or garden views, is included: parking, wifi, a rich and abundant breakfast buffet, the private beach with lots of sun beds! I recommend you also taste the dishes of the restaurant, prepared with fresh fish of the day. Book Now: +39 0773 726007

The Junior Suite of the Hotel Acquasanta in Terracina (Credits: www.hotel-acquasanta.it)


A real paradise. The private beach of the Hotel Acquasanta in Terracina (Credits: www.hotel-acquasanta.it)


If you prefer something different, then you can only choose Quiet Home (www.quiethome-terracina.it), a fully equipped and comfortable apartment in the heart of Terracina. Antonio and Rita, the hosts, have really thought of everything and I assure you that you will feel at home. The apartment, on two levels, all parquet and natural wood, is equipped with all possible comforts: washing machine, dishwasher, fully equipped kitchen, two bathrooms, three bedrooms and air conditioning. It is the ideal solution for families or couples of friends who can share the house without sacrificing their privacy. Televisions are available with Smart box and Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and many international streaming channels.

Quiet Home Terracina, one of the bedrooms


Quiet Home Terracina. One of the bathrooms


Quiet Home Terracina. The well-equipped kitchen




Here I have an endless list to offer, but I have chosen only my favorites:

  • Ristorante Centosedici: on the seafront of Terracina, in Viale Circe 116. You can not help but be impressed by the kindness of Gino, the owner, ready to welcome you already at the entrance. Fresh fish of the day, locally produced pasta, fresh products to compose a symphony of flavors that recall the territory of Terracina, where sea and land meet. Excellent desserts and supreme pizza by Francesco! Book a Table: +39 0773 764110


The beautiful seaview from Ristorante Centosedici in Terracina

Orecchiette by chef Michele Ruggieri


The Delicious Pizza by Francesco


  • Feronia Bistrot: It doesn’t happen every day to meet a woman chef. Well, that has happened to me. I was struck by the smile and inspiration of Michela, the owner and chef of this restaurant, in a side street of Via Roma, one of the streets of the city center. Her smile and love for her job come back to life in her dishes. From the lunch break, fast but without giving up the taste (personally I tell you that the filleted local fish with mixed vegetables is a perfect dish for those who, like me, is always attentive to the line), up to dinner, where the bistro becomes chic but is still cheap! Book a Table: +39 0773 701112

Michela Bartolomucci, the Chef of Feronia Bistrot in Terracina


Fresh ingredients and many colours: the cuisine of Feronia Bistrot in Terracina


  • St Patrick: in Corso Anita Garibaldi, in the heart of the old city, in a Gothic domus. This is the prestigious location in which Massimo and Ivana, the owners of St Patrick, have been welcoming their customers for several years. A selection of cheeses, excellent wines and then eggplant rolls filled with noodles. And it’s not over! The desserts of Ivana are very famous, all exclusively homemade … I highly recommend the banana cake! My dinner ended with a visit to the wine cellar, in a Roman cistern which is accessed by a beautiful spiral staircase. You don’t want to go there anymore! In summer, the tables are also placed in the back, on the characteristic Piazza Assorati. Book a Table: +39 0773 703170

St Patrick: a beautiful location in the heart of the historical centre of Terracina (Credits: https://www.facebook.com/St-Patrick-155213814501341/)



Aubergines rolls stuffed with Tagliolini Pasta (Credits: tripadvisor.it)


  • Ilvana Pasticceria & Pastificio: whether it’s Chiara’s cappuccino or Ilaria’s cakes or Ilvana’s spaghetti and dishes, it doesn’t matter. It’s a small bistrot in Piazza della Repubblica, in the heart of Terracina. Opens its doors early in the morning and remains operational until late at night. Personally I often stop for lunch or just for a coffee, they are smiling and delicious people. The pasta is all homemade (they have their own pasta factory) and the products are very fresh. Let me recommend a couple of dishes: Ravioloni with buffalo ricotta on fresh basil pesto, confit tomato and anchovies, Tonnarello with cacio & Pepe and zest of Lime. If that’s not enough, I recommend the apericena, the best in town. Fried ravioli and mini burgers are unsurpassed! I confess, then, that very often I stop here for the after dinner. Do not miss the cakes or monoportions, nice but also very good! Book a Table or Info: +39 0773 176 9081

The delicious croissants everyday produced exclusively handmade by Ilaria


Fresh Ravioli produced by the Ilvana Pasta Factory in Terracina


Fresh Tonnarello with Cacio & Pepe and Zest of Lime by Chef Ilvana


Ilvana’s Apericena: halfway between an aperitif and dinner. Excellent and delicious products for a pleasant evening with friends

Do you want to organize a holiday in Terracina? Ask me how! sara@aspassoconsara.it +39 329 8113372



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